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Be an extra caring reader with these book friendly bookmarks.

RRP: £3.99

The key features
Tucks onto the corner of your pageWorks on left and right cornersSturdy laminated card constructionOne Page Corner per pack3 themed designs available

Why we love it
Still folding down the corners of your precious books? Because we know that books have feelings too, we’ve designed these pre-formed page corners to do the job for you! The card corners fit neatly onto the right or left hand corner of your page. No need to crease or mangle your pages. If it could talk, your book would definitely thank you for it!

Bookmarks and Page Markers, Book Lovers' Gifts, I Sell Books, Notebooks and Stationery, Read to Relax, Keyrings and Gift Items

Range: 375

POS Display
Available for this range



RRP : £143.64

Consists of Printed Display + 36 Page Corner Packs

(12 each of the 3 Designs)

Starter Packs give our customers an easy way to buy into a range. These are ready assembled displays with a selection of individual packs included – ready to start selling


Item # 37501

RRP : £3.99

Order in multiples of 3


Item # 37502

RRP : £3.99

Order in multiples of 3


Item # 37503

RRP : £3.99

Order in multiples of 3

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