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Carry on reading after the lights go out!

RRP: £8.99

The key features
Clips onto your book to readFlexible neck for best lightingDiffused, soft LED lightComes with batteries fitted6 colours available

The blurb
Surely the coolest reading light on the block, this little bold and bendy book lamp is built to clip on to any book cover! It’ll illuminate the page just enough to let you carry on reading at bedtime… even when the big lights have gone out! It’s even got a flexible neck so you can sneak under the covers (sssshhhhhhh) and angle the beam so it’s just right! A fab gift for reluctant OR regular readers. If this doesn’t encourage children to read, what will?

You will find me in..
Children & Reading, New, Read After Dark

Range: 462

POS Display
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Starter Pack


RRP : £107.88

6pcs of each colour plus display

Starter Packs give our customers an easy way to buy into a range. These are ready assembled displays with a selection of individual packs included – ready to start selling


Item # 46201

RRP : £8.99

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Item # 46202

RRP : £8.99

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