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A smart 60cm display of our Top 7 magnifying products

RRP: £245.64

The key features
Contains:9 x MAGNiF-i A4 & A5 Sheets3 x MAGNiF-i Lighted Hand Held Magnifier12 x MAGNiF-i Magnifying Bookmark/Credit Card Magnifier6 x MAGNiF-i Pocket Lighted Magnifier3 x MAGNiF-i Professional Loupe3 x MAGNiF-i Large Dual Focus Magnifier (75mm)

The blurb
Ideal for Pharmacies, Book Shops and Gift Shops, our smart co-ordinated range of well designed magnifying products provide magnifying solutions for every day use. These products sell very well to us over 50s, whether it's for hobbies, DIY, reading the menu or just checking the 'use by' date on those tins at the back of the cupboard!

You will find me in..
Themed Shelf Displays

Range: MSD006

MAGNiF-i (60cm)

Item # MSD006

RRP : £245.64

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