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Children & Reading

Children & Reading Collection Banner

Children who read do better at school. So designing things to make reading as much fun as possible is (ironically) a no brainer! Our range is purposely attractive, non-technical, all work offline and are simple to use -  making them gifts anyone can buy for children – and feel good about it! So these are the ideal gift for parents, grandparents and Santa to give! Ask us about merchandising options.


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The coolest light on the block.

Surely the coolest reading light on the block, this little bold and bendy book lamp is built to clip on to any book cover! It’ll illuminate the page just enough to let you carry on reading at bedtime… even when the big lights have gone out! It’s even got a flexible neck so you can sneak under the covers (sssshhhhhhh) and angle the beam so it’s just right! A fab gift for reluctant OR regular readers. If this doesn’t encourage children to read, what will?

Clips onto your book to readFlexible neck for best lightingDiffused, soft LED lightComes with batteries fitted6 colours available

Range: 462 RRP: £8.99

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RRP: £8.99


Boldly glows where other lights just can’t!

A present with real personality, this flexible and friendly little light is a true HERO when you are looking for gift ideas for kids. A very practical purchase disguised as a fun stocking filler or pocket money present, it bends, dangles, twists or grips to just about anything… great for that extra little bit of light for finding things, reading things or making things!

Cool & Colourful packagingDisplay hanging up or stands on its ownHead 'Light' twists to any positionBatteries included3 Super colours

Range: 461 RRP: £8.99

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RRP: £8.99


Encourages children's reading.

In this digital world, motivating children to open a book can be a bit of a task. This little book shaped Reading Timer will sit on the table or clip onto any book and time how long you read. It comes with batteries and is designed to make reading as enjoyable as possible - making it an ideal gift for parents and grandparents to give with confidence. We’ve teamed up with the famous Dr. Seuss classic The Cat in the Hat to make it even more fun!

Fun way to encourage children's readingClassic Cat in the Hat characterLoved by parents and grandparentsEasy to use, counts up or downTERRITORY LIMITATIONS

Range: 418 RRP: £9.99

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RRP: £9.99


The classics kids love to read.

A firm favourite in schools, Dr. Seuss characters are used by teachers to help encourage children to read. Children love them, parents and grandparents have a warm nostalgic place in their hearts for them. So it makes perfect sense to bring them to life as bright, fun and functional magnetic bookmarks. Buy someone an educational gift that’s great fun too!

A great educational giftLoved by parents and grandparentsFun cut out character designsGreat add-on sales for book sellersTERRITORY LIMITATIONS

Range: 417 RRP: £2.99

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RRP: £2.99


6 bright and colourful bookmarks.

David Walliams’s best selling books are on wish-lists of school children everywhere. Magnificently funny, the books can be read in school, with friends, at home, or under the covers. We're all about encouraging children to read - and what better way to do that than by bringing to life six of his most popular titles with unmistakably brilliant illustrations by Tony Ross and Quentin Blake. Perfect to get little readers excited!

Best selling children's authorSix of the top selling titlesHeavy laminated card & printed ribbonGreat add-on sales for book sellersTERRITORY LIMITATIONS

Range: 416 RRP: £2.99

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RRP: £2.99


Encourages young people's reading.

Time flies when your head’s in a book! But if you need to know precisely how much time has flown, this booky shaped Reading Timer will keep tabs on it for you. Encouraging young people to read at bedtime or anytime is no mean feat with today’s distractions and a little help goes a long way. And did you know? Children who read regularly for pleasure do better at school. That's not marketing - it's a fact! Timer can be set to count up or count down.

Encourages children's readingClips to a book or stands uprightSimple to use - counts up or downComes with battery fittedAvailable in 2 colours

Range: 364 RRP: £8.99

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RRP: £8.99


Gentle jaws hold onto the book.

Get your teeth into a good book! Great fun for all ages at reading time. The gentle jaws clip onto the front cover and the dangly elasticated tail loops down to keep your place. An award-winning gift idea and yet another great reason for children to pick up their reading books. Available in six jaw-dropping designs!

UK 'Gift of The Year' winnerClips on to hardback and paperback booksElasticated to fit all book sizesThe dangly tail keeps your page6 characters available

Range: 369 RRP: £5.99

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RRP: £5.99


The furriest fun at reading time.

The furriest fun to be had at reading time. These plush bespectacled bookmarks will faithfully keep your page with their dangly tails, but secretly can’t wait for you to pick up your book and continue the story. And this year we have updated the range to include six new faces that we know will sell equally well to both book lovers and fashion followers! Fun to display at home too.

High quality soft plushDetailed facial featuresMiniature metal rimmed glassesCE mark approvedVery popular children's gift

Range: 968 RRP: £7.99

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RRP: £7.99


For indoor reading adventures!

Whatever the size and scale of your wordy adventures, our big hearted mini light will be your reliable night-time reading companion, over or under the sheets, duvet or sleeping bag. Designed for indoor - or in tent - use, there are 4 themes and colours to make you glow with excitement!

UK ‘Gift of the Year’ awardedFun miniature light can hang or standDiffused soft light glowComes with batteries fitted4 flashy colours available

Range: 372 RRP: £9.99

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RRP: £9.99


Makes their learning extra fun!

An easy-to-use dictionary enabling quick look up and understanding of the words children encounter every day during their formative years. With thousands of word definitions stored inside, this wonderful little gadget makes learning extra fun! Data content from the best-selling Oxford Primary Dictionary.

Suitable for ages 7+Data content from Oxford Primary Dictionary30,000 word definitionsHelpful word isolation windowComes with battery fitted

Range: 350 RRP: £24.99

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RRP: £24.99


The fun way to bark your page!

Ear you are! A barkingly clever idea for the dog friendly book lover. All our doggies are extremely well trained to sit and stay whenever you’re away from your book, whilst always keeping an ear cocked (marking your page) for when you return. Just pull down on the tab for doggies ear to rise up and keep alert!

Pull to pop up the dog’s earThe eyes close as the same timeStrong laminated card constructionFits over the corner of your page6 canine varieties available

Range: 374 RRP: £3.99

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RRP: £3.99


Childishly fun reading light.

Your fun doesn’t have to stop when the lights go out in the bedroom! Clip Block Light onto your book and carry on reading without disturbing any non-readers around you. Childishly easy to use, its bendy neck directs the light just where you need it. Comes in a great range of cheery colours too.

Clips onto your book to readFlexible neck for best lightingDiffused, soft LED lightComes with batteries fitted6 colours available

Range: 353 RRP: £9.99

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RRP: £9.99


Get organised at home or office.

A great solution to bookend retailing. Sold flat to save on precious store space - ‘pops’ up to hold hardback and paperback books securely. The cool and contemporary colours are equally at home, at home or in the office! Sold in singles. Mix or match your combinations as suits your needs. Easy wipe clean.

Very strong!Secure grippy feetEasy wipe cleanOne book end per pack8 colours available

Range: 930 RRP: £4.99

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RRP: £4.99


Hugs your books and tablets.

The handiest way to hold tablets and books. Designed to hold and hug, this safe pair of soft-touch hands will gently grip the pages of an open reading book, comic or text book. Not to miss a trick, they are perfectly positioned to grip a tablet snugly too! And when you’re finished? Fold it up and slip it into your bag!

Works with books and tabletsSoft touch grippy ‘hands’Tension sprung for thicker booksFolds up to carry around5 colours available

Range: 942 RRP: £12.99

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RRP: £12.99


Ideal tool for language students.

This ingenious little electronic dictionary translates words from English to your chosen language and vice versa. Based on the content of the renowned Collins language dictionaries, the super slim design is perfect for sneaking between the pages of your book or slipping in your bag. An ideal companion for travellers and a really useful tool for ESL students. Available in 4 variants - French/English, Italian/English, German/English and Spanish/English.

Great for language and ESL studentsThousands of word definition data from CollinsEasy to use and ideal for travelAward winning product rangeComes with replaceable battery fitted

Range: 451 RRP: £24.99

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RRP: £24.99


Vibrant, flexible clip-on arrows.

Multi by name, multi by function. This set of vibrant arrows are perfect for study and general organisation at home or work. Clip them to all four corners of the page to point out noteworthy bits for later referral. A long time favourite with our customers.

Mark important informationSimple clip-on style arrowsVibrant coloursGreat for study8 arrows in each pack

Range: 458 RRP: £2.99

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RRP: £2.99


Keeps tablets fully 'hands-free'!

Curvy, cool, and contemporary, this aptly named little stand will hold your device at the perfect angle for viewing your favourite things. And the colour coordinated stylus will help to keep your screen free of messy fingerprints, just incase your favourite things involve getting your hands dirty... whether that’s recipes, repairs or redecorating. Helpful for cooking, DIY, homework, gaming and hobbies!

Includes stylus for a clean screenSoft coated slip-free finishFits all popular devicesEasy wipe cleanAvailable in red and grey

Range: 325 RRP: £12.99

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RRP: £12.99


A classic series re-energised.

5-4-3-2-1… Gerry Anderson’s classic television series has stormed back to life through ITV’s F.A.B.ulous animated reworking. Now built for life in the twenty-first century with tech (and trousers) to match! The ingenious little magnets grip the page of your book, magazine or comic to stay in place until your next reading adventure.

Magnets hold the bookmark in placeIndividual die cut character shapesSpecial smart print finishes6 popular characters availableUK & US TERRITORY LICENSE

Range: 321 RRP: £1.99

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RRP: £1.99

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