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Stylishly slips onto your page and marks the last line you read.

RRP: £5.99

The key features
Keep your page in books and magazinesClips to both left and right pagesEtched arrow onto lacquered metalMatching foil detailed packagingAvailable in copper and brass

Why we love it
Gifty and nifty, these flexible metal arrow page markers are beautifully designed to slip onto any page and mark your place... in style! Crafted from solid brass and copper, the little arrows will point precisely to where you finished reading! Use them and always know your place...

Bookmarks and Page Markers, Book Lovers' Gifts, Have Fun Learning, I Sell Books, I Sell Gifts, Meaningful Gifts

Range: 472


Item # 47201

RRP : £5.99

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Item # 47202

RRP : £5.99

Order in multiples of 3

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