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Clips to your book or stands on your desk!

RRP: £8.99

The key features
Clips on to a book to readStands up in its weighted baseAngles just like the real thingComes fitted with replaceable batteriesAvailable in 5 funky colours

Why we love it
Flexible in every way, this stylish little classic will confidently clip to your book and angle to light your page… but is equally at home slipping into its weighty little base and sitting pretty on your desk. Based on a lighting design icon but miniaturised, these super gifty colour-coordinated packaging makes these little chaps very easy to love.

Book Lights and Reading Lights, Clever Gifts for Readers, Book Lovers' Gifts, Children and Reading, Hobbies and Pastimes, I Sell Books, I Sell Gifts, Keyrings and Gift Items

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RRP : £8.99

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