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Handily holds your tablet anywhere you might need it.

RRP: £12.99

The key features
Includes stylus for a clean screenSoft coated slip-free finishFits all popular devicesEasy wipe cleanAvailable in red and grey

Why we love it
Curvy, cool, and contemporary, this aptly named little stand will hold your device at the perfect angle for viewing your favourite things. And the colour coordinated stylus will help to keep your screen free of messy fingerprints, just incase your favourite things involve getting your hands dirty... whether that’s recipes, repairs or redecorating. Helpful for cooking, DIY, homework, gaming and hobbies!

Book Holders and Reading Rests, Education and Study, Home Office Inspiration, I Sell Gifts, Meaningful Gifts, Smart for Study, The Garden Vacation!

Range: 325


Item # 32501

RRP : £12.99

Order in multiples of 3


Item # 32502

RRP : £12.99

Order in multiples of 3

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