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Love your letter – make it personal

Having books in your life is a wonderful thing. Read them, study them, stick them on the coffee table to flick through…But shape them like letters and these beautifully decorated blank ‘books’ become a whole new idea! Stand them up on a shelf, mantlepiece or table to make a vintage, traditional or very contemporary display in your home. A brilliant decorative item to buy for yourself or very personal gift, perfect for weddings, christenings, birthdays or even to dress your store! Ask us about merchandising options.




Beautiful letter shaped books.

A handsomely decorated book in letter form but without words. All 26 letters are represented (plus ampersand), perfectly bound with buckram spine and embellished with gold foil detail. For putting on show or writing... read more

Books stand up for displayBuckram bound with gold foil decoration120gsm blank inner pages24 assorted patterns27 letter choices (A to Z plus &)

RRP: £12.99

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RRP: £12.99